Tourism injects $54b in economic value

Tourism is a major contributor to the Australian economy, with visitors to the country creating more than $54 billion in economic value, which creates more than 934,000 jobs for Australians. Visitors travel to and around Australia for many reasons, including: holidays, visiting family, education, business and events. As visitors travel around the country, they spend time and money in our local economy. Tourism can work to create even more jobs for Australians if Government policy supports tourism growth. The top tourism policy priorities are: Promoting Australia as an education, event & holiday destination. Developing tourism businesses and regions. Support private investment…
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Meet the faces of tourism

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With the Tourism Works ads now showing across WA, we would like to introduce you to some of the many faces who work in the diverse tourism industry. Gabby Simoni - "I promote the region" (pictured, left) Marketing Manager - Australia’s Golden Outback Australia’s Golden Outback is a regional tourism organisation promoting the Outback to intrastate, interstate and international markets. Each year more than 165,000 interstate and overseas visitors travel to the region. Australia’s Golden Outback is a two worker team promoting more than 50% of WA to the world. Eamon O’Brien - "I test the ride" (pictured, second from left) Mechanical Fitter…
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Who works in tourism?

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Western Australia's tourism industry creates a diverse range of jobs beyond what you might expect. Here are a few more of our Tourism Works participants, whose jobs are reliant on the tourism industry. Corioli Souter - "I preserve the history" (pictured, left) Curator Maritime Archaeology - WA Maritime Museum The Western Australian Museum is the State’s premier cultural organisation, housing WA’s scientific and cultural collection. The WA Maritime Museum branch in Fremantle attracts more than 110,000 visitors each year. The  Museum is very popular with international visitors, with 24% of guests visiting from overseas. Matt Norton - "I greet the visitor" (pictured,…
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Tourism Works campaign launches

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Tourism Council WA has commenced a major advertising campaign to promote the value of tourism to Western Australia in the lead up to the 2017 State Election. The campaign shows how Tourism Works to create jobs for WA, and features locals doing an amazing array of jobs created by tourism dollars. The campaign includes television, radio and digital advertising across Western Australia. Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said tourism was a vital industry for the future of Western Australia, particularly as people started wondering where the jobs of the future would come from. “Each year, tourism creates 97,000 jobs in…
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Visitors create valuable tourism jobs

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As visitors travel around WA, the money they spend creates 97,000 jobs across 31,000 businesses in transport, accommodation, restaurants, cafes, retail, food & beverage, attractions, tours, education and more. Here are some more of our featured workers. Edward Whisson - "I board the passengers" (pictured, left) Crew Supervisor - Rottnest Express Rottnest Express operates daily year-round services to Rottnest Island and a variety of touring packages and experiences. Rottnest Express carries thousands of interstate and oversea visitors to Rottnest island each year and employs up to 80 workers. Jeanette Ferreira - "I organise the event" (pictured, centre) Director of Operations - Perth…
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Real Tourism Workers feature in campaign

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The #TourismWorks campaign features a diverse range of tourism workers from around WA. We are pleased to introduce a few more of our featured workers below. Gillian Rowe - "I rent out the car" (pictured, left) Rental Supervisor - Budget Car & Truck Rental WA Budget Car & Truck Rental WA vehicles  provide access for travelers to the state’s tourism destinations. Budget welcomes 34,000 interstate and overseas visitors each year and employs more than 140 workers. Tourism accounts for approximately 40% of the total business. Rickie Bacon - "I maintain the coach" (pictured, centre) Workshop Manager - ADAMS ADAMS and ADAMS Pinnacle…
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More than 97,000 Tourism Workers in WA

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Each year, tourism creates jobs for more than 97,000 Western Australians. The #TourismWorks campaign features just a handful of these workers, including the following: Tony Howell - "I cook the meal" (pictured, left) Executive Chef - Margaret River Hospitality Group The Margaret River Hospitality Group owns the White Elephant Beach Café, Morries Anytime, The Common and Barefoot Beach Weddings. More than 30% of guests who dine at the Group’s restaurants are interstate and overseas visitors. The Margaret River Hospitality Group employs approximately 100 workers. Claire Innes - "I design the holiday" (pictured, centre) Head of Product Department - Discover Australia Holidays Based in…
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Tourism creates diverse jobs in WA

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Tourism creates diverse jobs and business opportunities ranging from transport and hospitality through to caravan manufacturing, entertainment and the arts. This week, we would like to introduce you to the following #TourismWorks workers: David Thompson - "I reap the harvest" (pictured, top) Managing Director - Lobster Shack The Lobster Shack has diversified its fishing business into tourism by offering an award winning attraction in Cervantes. The Lobster Shack welcomes more than 80,000 visitors each year, with majority of their visitors coming from interstate and overseas. The company employs up to 50 workers. Kristy-Lee Roberts - "I make the caravan" (pictured, centre) RV Assembler…
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Introducing Tourism Workers

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The Tourism Works campaign features real Western Australian workers to show how tourism works to create diverse jobs across WA. Across the campaign, we will be introducing you to some of our tourism workers and how their business is impacted by tourism. Troy Bennell - "I forage for tucker" (pictured, top) Tour Operator - Ngalang Wongi Tours Ngalang Wongi Tours guides over 700 visitors each year with 25% of their visitors coming from interstate and overseas. A start-up owner-operator, Troy’s dream is to share his culture through tourism and employ more Aboriginal people in the future as the business grows.…
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Taking Tourism Works to MPs and Candidates

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Ahead of the 2017 State Election on March 11, Tourism Council WA has been meeting with MPs and Candidates from across WA to show them how Tourism Works for their electorate. Pictured are just some of the MPs and candidates that Tourism Council WA has met with so far. To find out how many jobs tourism creates in your electorate, visit the Tourism Work Atlas page. To keep up with the Tourism Works campaign, visit and like our Facebook page and our Twitter account.  
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Congratulations to Selfie Competition Winners!

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Congratulations to the following entrants who were named winners in the Tourism Works Selfie Competition: First Place: Live Ningaloo (pictured, top) Second Place: Shine Aviation Honourable Mentions: L-A Shibish, Walpole Nornalup Visitor Centre, Skydive Jurien Bay Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition!
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Selfie Competition Closes Soon!

Jurien Bay CRC
Tourism businesses are invited to share a photo of themselves or their team at working to show off the great service they provide to visitors and guests as part of the #TourismWorks selfie competition! The competition closes on Monday, October 3 - and there are some great prizes on offer. For more information on the competition, click here. To view some of the fantastic entries we have received so far, visit the Tourism Works Facebook page.
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First Tourism Works TV ads revealed

The first three Tourism Works TV advertisements have been revealed today at the WA Tourism Conference 2016. The TV ads feature real Western Australians doing an amazing array of jobs created by tourism dollars. The $250,000 campaign aims to promote the value of tourism by showcasing the diversity of the 97,000 jobs tourism creates in WA. The TV ads go to air, starting Thursday 11 August, in evening news bulletins across the state.
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Tourism Works to be launched at WA Tourism Conference

Tourism Council WA is launching the Tourism Works advertising campaign on Tuesday 9 August. The launch will be before an audience of 400 delegates at the WA Tourism Conference. The unique TV ads feature 32 real Western Australians whose jobs and businesses are created by tourism.
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