Who works in tourism?


Eamon O’Brien - "I test the ride"

Mechanical Fitter - Adventure World

Adventure World features world-class attractions such as the $12 million roller coaster “Abyss” and $7 million dollar “Kraken” water slide.

Adventure World welcomes 450,000 guests each year including more than 45,000 interstate and overseas visitors. The park employs around 500 workers.


Emily Anderson - "I serve the food"

Waitress - The Terrace Hotel

The Terrace Hotel is a 5 star boutique hotel in Perth’s CBD. More than 30% of guests at The Terrace Hotel are interstate and overseas visitors. The Terrace Hotel employs approximately 50 workers.


Ross Dowling - "I teach the class"

Professor - Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University teaches more than 4,000 international students each year and employs more than 1,770 workers.

International Education is worth $1.4 billion to the WA economy.


Rickie Bacon - "I maintain the coach"

Workshop Manager - ADAMs

ADAMS and ADAMS Pinnacle Tours is the state’s largest tourism transport provider.

ADAMS carries more than 100,000 independent travelers, and 15,000 group travelers, each year. ADAMS employs approximately 100 workers.


Ulrike Pearson - "I sell the pearls"

Retail Store Manager - Willie Creek Pearls

The Willie Creek Pearl Farm in Broome attracts more than 20,000 visitors each year of whom 57% are interstate and overseas visitors.

Willi Creek employs up to 70 workers in the high season.


Hope Metcalf - "I grow the vines"

Senior Winemaker - Sandalford Wines

Sandalford Winery offers memorable wine tourism experiences, river cruises, concerts, education courses, dining and premium wine.

Sandalford Wines welcomes more than 133,000 interstate and overseas visitors each year and employs up to 150 workers.


Jeanette Ferreira - "I organise the event"

Director of Operations - Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre attracts more than 900,000 visitors each year to approximately 600 conferences and events. The Centre employs up to 350 workers.


Troy Bennell - "I forage for tucker"

Tour Operator - Ngalang Wongi Tours

Ngalang Wongi Tours guides over 700 visitors each year with 25% of their visitors coming from interstate and overseas.

A start-up owner-operator, Troy’s dream is to share his culture through tourism and employ more Aboriginal people in the future as the business grows.


Alison Bird - "I lead the camel"

Operator - Broome Camel Safaris

Broome Camel Safaris offers the the famous morning and sunset camel tour along the iconic Cable Beach.

Broome Camel Safaris welcomes more than 20,000 visitors each year and employs around 8 workers.


David Thompson - "I reap the harvest"

Managing Director - Lobster Shack

The Lobster Shack has diversified its fishing business into tourism by offering an award winning attraction in Cervantes.

The Lobster Shack welcomes more than 80,000 visitors each year, with majority of their visitors coming from interstate and overseas. The company employs up to 50 workers.


Annabelle Ferridge - "I make the bed"

Room Attendant - Novotel Perth Langley

The Novotel Perth Langley hosts a mix of corporate, aircrew and leisure guests in over 250 rooms. The hotel is part of Accor Hotels, the largest hotel group in Western Australia.

The Novotel Perth Langley welcomes over 105,000 guest each year and employs 165 workers.


Ben Clarke - "I fly the plane"

Pilot - Qantas

The Qantas group operates approximately 830 flights per week to, from and within Western Australia, carrying an approximate 4.3 million passengers each year.

The Qantas group employs up to 6000 workers in WA and across Australia.


Claire Innes - "I design the holiday"

Head of Product Department - Discover Australia Holidays

Based in Perth, Discover Australia Holidays develops popular holiday packages that promote all regions of Western Australia to holidaymakers around the world.

Discover Australia Holidays assists with more than 100,000 visitors each year and employs up to 47 workers.


Dave Humphreys - "I book the show"

Sales & Marketing Manager - Perth Arena

Perth Arena is Western Australia’s landmark home of live entertainment, music and sports.

Perth Arena entertains more than 1 million guests each year with approximately 100,000 guests traveling from interstate and overseas. Perth Arena employs up to 1,500 full time, part time and casual workers.


Corioli Souter - "I preserve the history"

Curator Maritime Archaeology - WA Maritime Museum

The Western Australian Museum is the State’s premier cultural organisation, housing WA’s scientific and cultural collection.

The WA Maritime Museum branch in Fremantle attracts more than 110,000 visitors each year. The  Museum is very popular with international visitors, with 24% of guests visiting from overseas.


Michael Barsby - "I spin the wheel"

Skills Development Specialist - Crown Perth

Crown Perth is Western Australia’s only integrated tourism resort.  Featuring 1,200 luxurious rooms, a range of dining experiences, world-class entertainment and Perth’s only 24/7 Casino.

Crown Perth attracts more than 10 million guests each year from WA, interstate and overseas. Crown Perth employs up to 5,600 workers.


Tony Howell - "I cook the meal"

Executive Chef - Margaret River Hospitality Group

The Margaret River Hospitality Group owns the White Elephant Beach Café, Morries Anytime, The Common and Barefoot Beach Weddings.

More than 30% of guests who dine at the Group’s restaurants are interstate and overseas visitors. The Margaret River Hospitality Group employs approximately 100 workers.


Courtney Willson - "I pour the drink"

Assistant Manager - Hyatt Regency Perth

Hyatt Regency Perth located by the Swan River offers guests a superior experience, whether they are staying overnight, dining at the hotel or attending an event in one of the three ballrooms.

More than 85% of guests at the Hyatt Regency Perth are interstate and overseas visitors. The hotel employs more than 385 workers.


Gillian Rowe - "I rent out the car"

Rental Supervisor - Budget Car & Truck Rental WA

Budget Car & Truck Rental WA vehicles  provide access for travelers to the state’s tourism destinations.

Budget welcomes 34,000 interstate and overseas visitors each year and employs more than 140 workers. Tourism accounts for approximately 40% of the total business.


Ben Foy - "I light the stage"

Music Director - What Noiz

What Noiz works on the production, theatrical design and event management for large scale shows at venues such as Perth Arena.

What Noiz’s business depends on events, attendees and visitors. What Noize employs up to 23 workers.


Leslie McChesney - "I fly the chopper"

Helicopter Pilot - Heliwest

Heliwest is the largest and most experienced helicopter sightseeing and charter service in the West.

Heliwest fly on average 1,800 passengers each year and employs more than 90 workers.


Adrian Kenny - "I craft the cider"

Cider Maker - Core Cider House

CORE Cider produces craft ciders and apple products in Perth Hills and welcomes more than 50,000 visitors each year.

Tourism has driven CORE cider’s growth from a cottage business to a celebrated dining and event destination. CORE Cider employs up to 30 workers in production and hospitality.


Mel McGowan - "I captain the boat"

Skipper - Captain Cook Cruises

Captain Cook Cruises has been showing tourists the Swan River from Fremantle to the Swan Valley for 35 years.

Captain Cook Cruises carries over 250,000 passengers each year with 68% of their passengers coming from interstate or overseas. Captain Cook Cruises employs over 100 workers.


Rebecca Minchinton - "I temper the chocolate"

Chocolatier - Margaret River Chocolate Company

The Margaret River Chocolate Company welcomes 1.3 million visitors each year at its Margaret River, Swan Valley and Perth City locations.

Approximately 50% of visitors are international or interstate visitors. The Margaret River Chocolate Company employs more than 100 staff.


James Hastie - "I build the hotel"

Site Supervisor - Brookfield Multiplex

Brookfield Multiplex are experts in delivering landmark tourism property and infrastructure assets.

Brookfield Multiplex is currently delivering the 500 room Crown Towers hotel development, the Perth Stadium and the new WA Museum. Brookfield Multiplex directly employs 230 workers in Western Australia.


Jessica Munn - "I pamper the guest"

Beauty Therapist - Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa

The Chahoya Spa by L’OCCITANE is a peaceful sanctuary within the iconic Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa.

The resort draws thousands of visitors to Broome each year and more than 45% of guests are  interstate visitors. The Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa employs over 245 workers.


Simon Stevenson - "I fill the tank"

Manager Director - BP Broome Central

BP Broome Central is a service station and tyre retailer. The business is dependent on visitors on self-drive holidays.

Tourism customers generate up to 30% of BP Broome Central’s annual revenue. The business employs 8 workers.


Gabby Simoni - "I promote the region"

Marketing Manager - Australia’s Golden Outback

Australia’s Golden Outback is a regional tourism organisation promoting the Outback to intrastate, interstate and international markets. Each year more than 165,000 interstate and overseas visitors travel to the region.

Australia’s Golden Outback is a two worker team promoting more than 50% of WA to the world.


Dale Tilbrook - "I share the culture"

Manager - Maalinup Aboriginal Gallery

Maalinup is an Aboriginal owned and operated business offering cultural activities, talks, performances, bush tucker and a gallery full of local Aboriginal art.

Maalinup attracts 5,000 visitors each year and 50% of purchases are by international guests.


Edward Whisson - "I board the passengers"

Crew Supervisor - Rottnest Express

Rottnest Express operates daily year-round services to Rottnest Island and a variety of touring packages and experiences.

Rottnest Express carries thousands of interstate and oversea visitors to Rottnest island each year and employs up to 80 workers.


Kristy-Lee Roberts - "I make the caravan"

RV Assembler - Fleetwood RV

Fleetwood RV manufactures Coromal and Windsor caravans so that anyone can enjoy the open road. Fleetwood employs 170 workers.

The Caravan industry makes, sells and services caravans for WA, interstate and international tourists. The industry also provides parks and resorts for visitors traveling around the state.


Matt Norton - "I greet the visitor"

Visitor Services Manager - Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association

The Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association (MRBTA) promotes local businesses in the Margaret River Region, which attracts more than 1 million international, interstate and WA visitors each year.

MRBTA employs over 102 workers across visitor centres in Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River & Augusta and six tourist attractions.